Detectives Solve Motor Vehicle Burglary Cases (Two Suspects Arrested)

On Thursday, April 3, 2014 around 6:23 PM, Champaign Police arrested two suspects for burglary to a motor vehicle.

Jakeem Nelson, 21, and Ernie D. Sanders, 22, both of Urbana, were arrested in a parking garage located at 1010 W. Stoughton in Urbana. Champaign Police had information linking Sanders to other burglaries and began conducting surveillance on his movement, which led to officers observing and catching Sanders and Nelson as they were committing burglaries to vehicles in the parking garage.

Between January 13 and March 15, 2014, the Champaign Police have responded to 52 burglaries to motor vehicle reports in the Campus District and the North District.

Detectives will be reviewing evidence from each of these burglaries to determine if any of these cases are related.

Vehicle burglaries occur at all hours, day and night. Most are considered crimes of opportunity and most thieves steal what they see in plain view. Many vehicle burglaries can be prevented by following a few simple tips:

Detectives Solve Motor Vehicle Burglary Cases PixLock all doors and close windows, even if you are gone for a brief time and when the vehicle is parked in the garage at a home or driveway.

Hide your valuables. If you must keep valuables in  your car, remove them from plain site.

Keep your car and valuables by deterring burglars. Remember to activate your alarm or anti-theft device upon exiting the vehicle.