Raw Sewage Referral

raw sewage

Raw sewage in the yard

Neighborhood Code Compliance received a referral from the Public Works Department regarding raw sewage in a residential front yard. Kim Burnett, Property Maintenance Inspector, investigated and observed sewage coming up from ground creating a pool in the yard. The inspector immediately posted the property with a Notice to Abate and went through the procedures to enforce compliance.

Kim was unable to establish contact with owner or owner’s representative. When the abatement period expired for compliance, Code Compliance authorized a local sewer service to clear line. The company was unable to clear the line and indicated it was likely broken. Therefore, Kim counseled the tenant occupants that the property would have to be condemned for occupancy. She also informed them of their options and distributed information concerning which agencies may be able to help. 

Posted notice to vacate.

Posted notice to vacate

Contact with the owner’s representative was eventually established. However, due to their distance from Champaign and the weather, they were unable to abate violation. On February 7, 2014, the property was condemned and posted accordingly.