Bristol Place LEED-ND Master Plan Kick Off

The master planning process for the redevelopment of Bristol Place was kicked-off on Thursday, October 24 with the Bristol Place Steering Committee. This past summer City Council approved a contract with Farr Associates, a planning and design consulting firm from Chicago to help the City and Steering Committee create a vision for how Bristol Place can be redeveloped once acquisition and relocation efforts are complete. The consultant met with the Steering Committee as well as conducted stakeholder interviews with seven different groups totaling 35 individuals with broad representation and interests. This included the youth of the neighborhood as high school students from Centennial and Central were interviewed.

Special to this project is the consideration of a redeveloped Bristol Place being certified with the U.S. Green Building Council as environmentally sustainable under the LEED-ND certification program. While LEED certification is becoming more commonly known for individual buildings, LEED-ND, in which the ND stands for Neighborhood Development, certifies whole neighborhoods as having sustainable qualities such as being walkable and containing an urban design that promoted environmental efficiency.

The broader Bristol Park Neighborhood will have a chance to participate in a community input event on November 21, 2013 from 6:00pm to 8:00pm at Booker T. Washington School. The event will provide the opportunity for the public to view and discuss design preferences and help envision a redeveloped Bristol Place. Participants will have the opportunity to use a fun and exciting input process called “Image Preference Survey” where they can view images and cast a vote for their preferences. The meeting is open to the public at large.

For more information about the master plan process contact Rob Kowalski in the Planning and Development Department at [email protected].