Champaign Police Chief Releases Additional Information on Shooting Incident (Intersection of N. Sixth St./E. Bradley Ave.)

The Champaign Police Department is releasing additional information on the N. Sixth Street and Bradley Avenue shooting investigation.

The investigation has revealed the following preliminary information:

On August 14, 2013 at 1:20 AM, Champaign police officer, Sgt. Geoffrey Coon, conducted a traffic stop on a vehicle which had disobeyed a stop sign. It also should be noted that this vehicle was leaving the area of a reported residential burglary. During the stop, Sgt. Coon saw open containers of alcohol in the vehicle. Squad car videos show Sgt. Coon asking the 20-year-old driver to exit the vehicle. As the driver exited his vehicle, he was observed removing a gun from his pants. The driver then placed the muzzle of the gun to his own head. Sgt. Coon, who was in close proximity to the driver, attempted to disarm him and became engaged in a struggle with the driver. As the driver resisted the officer’s efforts, the gun discharged a single round and wounded the driver. Based on the preliminary information obtained to date, Sgt. Coon did not fire his gun or the driver’s gun.

Both the driver and Sgt. Coon were injured during the struggle and received medical treatment. Sgt. Coon was treated for injuries received during the struggle and was later released. The driver, whose name is not being disclosed at this time, has also been released from the hospital.

The Multi-Jurisdictional Investigative Team is being led by Illinois State Police and they will continue processing information. The results of lab and ballistic tests are pending.

“I am proud of Sgt. Coon’s bravery and am pleased with the manner in which he responded to this situation; lives could have been lost during this traffic stop. My heart goes out to the families of officers killed in the line of duty,” says Chief Anthony Cobb.

The Department will continue to provide information to the public as it becomes available.