4th of July

Traffic Restrictions, Traffic Plan and other Regulations

To expedite the traffic flow into, around and away from the event site (State Farm Center), the public safety committee announces the following traffic plan for the parade and evening show/fireworks:

PARADE – Parade & 5K Map

Parade and 5K Route: The parade will start on First Street south of Kirby Avenue. The parade will continue east on Kirby/Florida and turn north on Lincoln Avenue where it will end at California.

Parade and 5K Timeline:

  • 5:00 AM – Parade assembly (E-14) area closed to traffic.
  • 8:30 AM – Youth race around State Farm Center
  • 8:45 AM – Parade route closed to all vehicle traffic until approximately 2:00 PM.
  • First Street from St. Mary’s to Kirby
  • Lincoln between Green and Florida Ave.
  • Florida Ave. between Lincoln and Wright
  • Kirby closed between Wright and First Street
  • Fourth closed between Kirby and St. Mary’s Road
  • 9:05 AM – 5K Race Starts
  • 11:00 AM – Illinois Street closed between Goodwin and Busey. Only vehicles picking up parade participants will be allowed access from Goodwin and Busey only.
  • 11:05 AM – Parade Starts
  • 2:00 PM – (Approximately) – Parade Concludes and roads are opened for traffic.

The route for the parade starts on First at the south entrance to lot E-14 then goes north to Kirby then east to Lincoln and then north to California where it will disband.

Parade Disbanding – Marching units will turn west on Illinois, units needing to off load or tear down prior to departure will turn east on Illinois and mobile units with no need to off load or tear down will continue north to Green Street and out of area.

FIREWORKS – Evening Program Map


We are announcing the following street closures:

  • Kirby Ave. between Oak St. and Fourth St.
    • 8:00 p.m. Kirby Ave. will be closed from Neil St. to Fourth St.
  • St. Mary’s Rd. between Oak St. and First St.
  • First St. between Stadium Dr. and St. Mary’s Rd.
  • Oak St. between St. Mary’s Rd. and Kirby Ave. will close at 8:00 p.m.


The following University of Illinois and University Research Park parking lots will be available for Freedom Celebration parking.

  • Oak St. between Kirby Ave. and Stadium Dr. will be restricted to handicap parking only.
  • The State Farm Center
    • Northeast lot
    • Southeast lot
  •  University Parking Lot F23 located at 1100 W. Florida Ave., Urbana
  • University Research parking lots – the entrances to these parking lots can be accessed via south Oak St. and Hazelwood Dr.
    • 1800 S. Oak St.
    • 1818 S. Oak St. (Lot E-46)
    • 1816 S. Oak St. (I-Building Parking Lot)
    • 2100 S. Oak St. (Riverbed Building Parking Lot)
    • 2110 S. Oak St. (Little Fuse Building Parking Lot)
  • Other University owned paved parking lots will be available for parking.  (However, they will not have officer assistance following the event.)
  • No parking will be allowed on any grass areas belonging to the University of Illinois.
  • Some residential neighborhoods in the area will have additional parking restrictions to allow for emergency vehicle access. Vehicles parked in this area are subject to ticketing and towing.


  • Stadium Terrace (Lot 31) located on the west side of First St. across from

Memorial Stadium

  • Lot 36 – located directly west of Memorial Stadium
  • State Farm Center lots – northwest and southwest parking lots
  • First St. and St. Mary’s Rd. large grass lot located on the southwest corner
  • Oak St. and St. Mary’s Rd. large grass lot located on the southwest corner


  • Vehicles exiting parking lots at the conclusion of the fireworks will (generally) be routed as follows:
    •  Vehicles in the northern most research parking lots will be directed north on Oak St. and west on St. Mary’s Rd.
    • Vehicles in the southern most research parking lots will be directed south on Oak St., or east on Hazelwood Dr. or east on Gerty Dr.
    • Vehicles parked in the northeast quad of the State Farm Center will be directed north on Fourth St.
    • Vehicles parked in the southeast quad will be directed south on Fourth St.
    • All vehicles in the vicinity of St. Mary’s Rd. east of Fourth St. will be directed east on St. Mary’s Rd.
  • No traffic will be allowed to go west on St. Mary’s Rd. from Lincoln Ave. following the event.
    • All vehicles parked north of the launch site will be directed north on Neil St. or north on First St.

An event map that outlines the traffic pattern and plan for this event is attached to this press release and is also available at our website www.july4th.net.

In addition to officers assigned traffic posts, additional officers will be assigned to patrol streets and highways in the area to discourage vehicles from creating traffic hazards by parking on the shoulder of the road. Officers assigned to the event will be enforcing other regulations which include:

  • The University of Illinois, the City of Champaign and the City of Urbana Police will not allow alcohol consumption on public property.
  • For the safety of everyone, fireworks of any type are prohibited at this event.
  • Adult supervision is required for all visitors at this event under the age of 18.

Motorists are reminded that there may be larger numbers of pedestrians in the area and they should use due care and caution. The public is reminded to call 911 or alert any public safety officer if they need assistance.

Please visit the Freedom Celebration web site at www.july4th.net for additional information. Or call our 24-hour hotline at 217-531-3777.