Town Center-Potential New Neighborhood Group Meeting

John Ruffin, Neighborhood Coordinator and Colleen Madera, Administrative Assistant met with Town Center residents Dellrae Lawrence and Latricia Johnson and Douglass Square Association leader Jinnie Coleman on Thursday, June 20 regarding information on starting a neighborhood group. Dellrae met Jinnie Coleman, leader of Douglass Square, and really liked what she did with Douglass Square and thought they might be able to do something similar in Town Center. There are close to 200 apartments total in the complex and Dellrae and Latricia hope to bring programs to the apartment complex for both the children and parents. The two were given information on how to start a group and were heavily encouraged to work with Neighborhood Coordination on how to build up interest in a neighborhood group. The two residents planned on soliciting some signatures with the plan of also hosting an open house/information meeting to speak to the residents about what their needs and concerns are.