City of Champaign Storm Response Update

City of Champaign Public Works Department crews are working to respond to the wind damage inflicted by the storms that passed through this week. Crews are focusing on clearing debris from traffic lanes and sidewalks to maintain access for vehicles and pedestrians. Crews are also working to clear inlets in preparation for the forecasted storm today and tonight, to alleviate potential street flooding. Citizens who want to clear the inlets in front of their homes are encouraged to use a rake or shovel, and if there is already water present, to stand above the blocked inlet at curb level while clearing. Citizens are encouraged to call Public Works at 403-4700 to report street or sidewalk obstructions.

Due to the severity of the storms and in an effort to assist residents with clean-up activities, staff will be picking up debris from trees on private property damaged during the storms.

Residents are asked to do the following:

  • Place bagged material and limbs/brush separately as these items are disposed of at two different locations. It is possible they will be picked up on separate days
  • Stack limbs and brush with the cut end parallel to the street
  • Place all items at the curb away from hydrants, mailboxes, and other hazard

Staff will not enter private property to pick up debris. This pickup is intended for debris from this week’s storms only. The deadline to place all items from the storms by the curb will be Monday, July 1, 2013. Citizens do not need to call for storm debris pickup.

Public Works staff plan to have items cleared by Wednesday, July 10, 2013.