Champaign Connection – Episode 36

  Champaign ConnectionThe 36th episode of Champaign Connection airs through the end of July. 

  • Dorothy David talks about her promotion to City Manager and reviews the challenges and opportunities the City is facing. 
  • Dennis Schmidt (Public Works Director) highlights several of the projects that Public Works crews will tackle this construction season.
  • Doug Forsman (Fire Chief) discusses the importance of Automatic Aid Fire Service agreements and how working hand-in-hand with neighboring communities benefits everyone. 

Champaign Connection  Champaign Connection

Champaign Connection is an award-winning 30-minute news magazine which helps the City better communicate with its residents. The show airs on CGTV (Comcast channel 5 and U-verse channel 99) nightly at 6:30 PM. The show is also available on-demand on the City’s website at Champaign Connection is produced by the Information Technologies Department with input from the Communications Advisory Committee.