1107 S Fourth St. – Standpipe Shut Down

Property Maintenance Inspector Tim Spear was notified by Fire Marshal John Koller on June 6, 2013 that the sprinkler inspection and test report that the Fire Department received showed that the standpipe system was shut off in the building. Fire Marshal Koller requested that the Code Compliance Division contact the owner to get the standpipe system restored to service. Inspector Spear contacted the property owner and scheduled an inspection of the building on June 7, 2013. At the inspection, the maintenance supervisor admitted that the valve for the standpipe system had been shut off because the stairways containing the standpipes were not heated. After consulting with Fire Marshal Koller, Inspector Spear contacted the property owner to state that the standpipe needed to be restored to service and that the owner had the option of making the standpipe an automatic dry standpipe or heating the stairway. The owner contacted Inspector Spear on June 12, 2013 to state that a fire sprinkler contractor had ordered parts for the standpipe system and would be converting the standpipe to an automatic dry system.