City Computer Network Down for Fiber Implementation

In an effort to enhance City Services, fiber network implementation at the City of Champaign is now underway. This will require our internal network being down for several days while all connections are cut over to our new network.

7:00am – Thursday, June 13th through 7:00am – Monday June 17th.

5:00pm – Wednesday, June 12th through 7:00am – Monday June 17th.

Services Unavailable:
During the network downtime several City provided services will be unavailable. The following services will NOT be available during the network downtime:

In person services at the City Building:
1. Payment of parking tickets or permits
2. Updating of liquor licenses
3. Servicing of parking meter cash keys
4. Inquiry regarding payment information
5. Processing of financial receipts/reports

Online services:
1. Online payment of parking citations or parking permits
2. Online issuance or payment of building permits
3. Online interactive web maps
4. Online access to historical meeting information
5. Online access to permit processing information
6. Online access to daily Champaign Police media reports (for questions regarding daily Champaign Police media reports please contact Rene Dunn at 403-6912)

We currently anticipate most services being available by 8:00am the morning of Monday, June 17th.

Please contact the City of Champaign IT Department at 403-8970 if you have any questions regarding the downtime.