May Service Request Totals

A total of 404 service requests from citizens and City staff were recorded during May 2013 in the Public Works Department. This count decreased by 198 (33%) requests compared to the 602 requests that were received in April. The chart below tracks the number of requests recorded each day by staff.

Service Requests by Date for May 2013

Forty-six (11%) of the total number of service requests were submitted through SeeClickFix, a mobile phone application.

Service Requests by Category for May 2013

The Asphalt Section received the most requests in May: 82 (20%). The Forestry Section received the second largest number of requests at 80 (20%). The Sewer Section was third with miscellaneous requests totaling 77 (19%) in number. 

Pothole repair requests were again the most numerous at 58 (14%). Tree pruning requests and dead animal pickup tied for second place with 23 (6%) calls each. Sewer backups were a close fourth with 22 (5%) calls.