Open House – ADA Transition Plan – 2013 Update

On Thursday, April 25, 2013, from 12 p.m. to 2 p.m. in the main foyer at The Division of Disability Resources & Educational Services at 1207 S. Oak St., the City of Champaign will host a public open house to discuss the 2013 update to the City’s ADA Transition Plan.  The Project Specialist, along with Civil Engineer, Chris Sokolowski, and ADA Coordinator, Jason Hood, will be on-hand to answer any questions related to this update.

The City of Champaign has a long-standing commitment to improving accessibility for individuals with disabilities.  In response to 2010 ADA regulation changes and in an effort to assure continued compliance, the City is assessing all of its facilities and public rights-of-way.  As we did in 1992 when the City adopted its original ADA Compliance Plan, we are again requesting input from key stakeholders such as individuals with disabilities, as well as organizations within the City of Champaign representing individuals with disabilities.  We recognize the importance of public input with regards to a project of this scope and we request any contribution that the citizens of Champaign might have regarding accessibility throughout the City.

We invite all citizens of Champaign to join us in an open discussion regarding this update of the City’s ADA Transition Plan.  This will give everyone an opportunity to learn more about the requirements of Title II of the ADA (access to City programs and services), as well as the details of a transition plan.

If you are unable to attend this open house but you would like information regarding the ADA Transition Plan, please contact Nichole Millage, Project Specialist, at [email protected].

CONTACT:  Nichole Millage    |    [email protected]    |    217.403.4700