Market Street (Kenyon to Olympian) Construction Work

Beginning Monday, April 15, 2013, Cross Construction will begin work on the Market Street project. For the initial construction phase, Cross Construction will work on the east side of Market Street, between Kenyon Road and Wallace Avenue. Traffic control will be setup to establish a work zone in the two northbound lanes of Market St. and northbound traffic will be moved to the west side of Market Street, with one-lane each for north-south traffic. Access will be maintained at all times to all residences and businesses within the limits of the work zone. 

On March 5, 2013, City Council awarded the Market Street Improvement Project to Cross Construction, with a total bid amount of $3,043,491. The project will rehabilitate 1.65 miles of pavement by milling off the existing asphalt surface, patching failed joints in the underlying pavement, minor curb and storm sewer repairs, and then placing a new asphalt surface. The project will also increase the shoulder width to eight-feet, between Wallace Avenue and Olympian Drive, to accommodate bicycles. Many new sections of five-foot wide sidewalk will be installed between Kenyon Dr. and Mercury Dr. A new traffic signal will be installed at the Market-Olympian intersection. A new LED street light system will be installed between Kenyon Dr. and Mercury Dr., which includes lighting under the Interstate 74 bridge structure. Once completed, Market Street will be striped for three traffic lanes and six-foot wide on-street bike lanes on both sides of Market Street. The three lane pavement section will extend up to the Olympian Drive intersection. 

The contract final completion date is Friday, October 4, 2013; however, the contract includes an incentive to encourage the contractor to complete the project up to three weeks earlier by September 13.