National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) Fire Inspector I Certification

Property Maintenance Inspector Tim Spear completed the first phase of the certification process to become certified as a NFPA Fire Inspector I. The first phase consisted of passing an 100 question exam on March 13, 2013. The second phase is the practicum phase. In the practicum phase, seven different types of facilities must be inspected. It is mandatory that a sprinklered facility and a commercial kitchen be inspected. Five other types of facilities must be selected from a list of ten types of facilities. These ten facilities are educational occupancy, assembly occupancy, apartment building, mercantile occupancy, business occupancy, industrial occupancy, maintenance shop, hot work facility, storage occupancy, and health care facility After performing the inspections, inspection forms that were provided in a workbook from the NFPA must be filled out and signed by the Fire Chief or Fire Marshal. Once the required inspection forms are completed, they must be submitted to the Certified Fire Inspector Program Administrator for auditing. Once they have verified that the inspections were completed, then the certification will be sent by mail.