As of March 1, the Public Works Department invited the citizens of Champaign to sign up for a mobile application called SeeClickFix through which problems can be submitted to the department. The SeeClickFix reports may include GPS location of the problem, a photograph, and a description. Problems may also be submitted through the website. When the reports are received by the City’s server, they are automatically entered into the department’s GIS-based work order and asset management system. Customer service staff monitors the requests during normal business hours and dispatches to the appropriate Operations crew for resolution.

During the first two weeks of operation, there were 44 issues reported to Public Works through the SeeClickFix app. Pothole repairs numbered 27 or 61%. The remaining service requests included “Other – miscellaneous” with 12 requests; “Pick Up Debris” with two; “Repair Streetlight” with two; and “Traffic Signal/Sign Issue” with one. During this period, 35 (80%) of the 44 issues were resolved and closed with the average time to close being 3.5 days. Thirty (68%) of these service requests were submitted via the mobile app, while the remaining 14 (32%) were submitted through the SeeClickFix website.