Entry-Level Police Officer Recruitment

The Human Resources and Police Department administer programs to recruit and select a diverse group of highly qualified candidates for entry-level Police Officer positions. Recruitment efforts for 2013 yielded 171 qualified applicants. The number of minority and female applicants exceeded City Affirmative Action goals, which are based on expected availability of minority and female applicants for the job. 

The Human Resources and Police Department hosted an optional study session for the written exam on March 6. The study session included a practice exam and the opportunity for applicants to ask questions and receive information on the test format and content. Applicants have the option to select a testing location either in Champaign or Macomb. The Champaign written exam was held on March 16 and the Macomb written exam will be held on March 23.

Applicants with the top 100 passing scores from the written exam will proceed to a physical abilities test. Those who successfully pass the physical abilities test will then be invited to an oral interview with the Board of Fire and Police Commissioners. Scores from the written exam and oral interviews will be combined to establish a rank-order eligibility list which will be evaluated by the Board of Police and Fire Commissioners in June 2013. Once the eligibility list has been approved Police Officers may be selected as vacancies occur for the following twelve months.