Attorney General National Foreclosure Settlement Grant Submitted

A grant application for the Attorney General National Foreclosure Settlement Grant was submitted on Friday, February 15 by team leader Habitat for Humanity of Champaign County. The grant team includes: the Cities of Champaign and Urbana, University of Illinois Law Clinic and Planning Department, Busey Bank, Hickory Point Bank, Community Reinvestment Group, Novadebt, Education for Employment System #330, and Neighborhood Gardens.

Those agencies seeking funding in the application include Habitat for Humanity (construction, counseling, rehab), Novadebt (counseling), Education for Employment System #330 (employment opportunities), and Prosperity/Neighborhood Gardens (workforce development and employment opportunities). The grant leverages the grant request of $3.1 million with $1.9 million in local/state/federal funds for two impact areas: providing counseling for homeowners at-risk of foreclosure (countywide) and targeted revitalization efforts in northern Champaign-Urbana – unincorporated Champaign County, comprised of five census tracts (census tracts 2, 7, 8, 9.01 and 53). In Champaign, the targeted area is focused north of University Avenue from the eastern city limit, continuing west to along the southern railroad tracks as approaching Neil Street; then continuing west until Mattis Avenue (western limit of the targeted area). The northern edge is defined by the city limit/census boundary. Please see the map for the area of impact highlighted in red.

These revitalization efforts may include combining neighborhood renovation and development with bundled financial services. The three key components include: redevelopment, financial resources, and employment/education opportunities. The revitalization efforts will promote home ownership through various programs (lease purchase, down payment, and affordable loan programs), and will complement the City’s existing and upcoming targeted area housing products, including $500,000 from the grant for a loan guarantee program. Also included in this grant are some unique partnerships with the local educational and gardening programs to increase employment opportunities.

The income limits in this grant program are higher than the typical grant-funded activities (up to 120% MFI) with priority given to households at or below 80% MFI. This will allow for greater program flexibility. For further information, please contact Neighborhood Programs Manager Kerri Spear at 403.7070 or [email protected].