EISN Promotes Safe Work Practices

On January 17, 2013, the City hosted a meeting of the Eastern Illinois Safety Network (EISN) at the Fire Department. The Eastern Illinois Safety Network is a group of health and safety professionals from the area that meet to help promote safe work practices for a variety of organizations. 

Risk Manager Larry Krause arranged to have Public Works Operations Supervisor Kyle Schneider give a talk on safety training for forklift operators. On hand for the training were about a dozen safety professionals from the University of Illinois, Obiter Research, Paul’s Machine and Welding, APL Applied Materials and Mueller Brass, among others. 

Kyle Schneider spoke on how the City organization has customized training for forklift operators to meet the demands of the workflow, and how the City has kept training fresh and relevant to the needs of the operators.

The presentation and questions were approximately 45 minutes in length and very well received by the audience.