Champaign Connection – Episode 33

The 33rd episode of Champaign Connection airs thru February 2013. Champaign Connection

  • Kyle Schneider (Operations Supervisor) explains the dedication and long hours that Public Works crews put in every year to keep our city streets clear of ice and snow. See what makes the job so challenging, and what local residents and motorists can do to make winter travel safer for everyone. 
  • Alex Nagy (Civil Engineer II) explains the new stormwater utility fee that will be implemented early next year. Learn why the fee is necessary, and what steps residents can take to lower their costs. 
  • John Koller (Fire Marshall) and Larry Happ (Building Safety Supervisor) discuss the important work of the Life Safety Division of the hampaign Fire Department. Learn why building codes exist and how this year’s construction boom has impacted the department.

           Champaign Connection          Champaign Connection

Champaign Connection is an award-winning 30-minute news magazine which helps the City better communicate with its residents. The show airs on CGTV (Comcast channel 5 and U-verse channel 99) nightly at 6:30 PM. The show is also available on-demand on the City’s website at Champaign Connection is produced by the Information Technologies Department with input from the Communications Advisory Committee.