John Street Bicycle Improvements

Design drawings are being completed for bicycle improvements on John Street, from Kenwood Road to Prospect Avenue. Re-striping will occur in the 2013 construction season. Bike lanes will be installed from Kenwood Road to Russell Street. From Kenwood Road to Frank Drive, no on-street parking will be removed. From Mattis Avenue to Russell Street, one lane of parking will be removed due to street width. To ensure that travel lanes line up from Mattis to Russell, on-street parking will be removed from the south side of the street. On-street parking on the north side of the street will remain. East of the Russell Street intersection, John Street narrows. From Russell Street to Prospect Avenue, sharrows will be painted on the street along with signage. This will be consistent with existing bicycle infrastructure on John Street east of Prospect Avenue. A public open house will be held in the neighborhood in late January.