City Staff Participates in Unit 4 “Futures Conference”

On Thursday, November 1st the Champaign Unit 4 School District hosted an afternoon conference to discuss the future of school facilities and programming in the district. Several City staff members from various departments participated in the event which attracted over 150 participants. The conference included several presentations from the district’s consultant, DeJong Richter, on designing school facilities to meet current and future learning needs of students. Also included was a survey of participants and small group discussion. Several elementary school-aged children also shared their “likes” and “dislikes” about the facilities where they learn. The event was a public kick-off to the district’s process of developing a Facility Plan which will address the needs of the older elementary schools as well as the middle schools and high schools. The presentation videos and the surveys can be found at

Bruce Knight and Rob Kowalski from the Planning Department participate on the District’s Facility Steering Committee that will provide input on the work of DeJong Richter and prepare the district with a plan to be considered by the Board of Education in early spring.

"Futures Conference"

Students from Carrie Busey, Garden Hills and Booker T. Washington schools present their ideas about school facilities.