2012 Sanitary Sewer Rehabilitation and Improvements Project

This project was awarded at the July 5 City Council meeting. It includes a total of approximately 800 lineal feet of new sanitary sewer installed by horizontal directional drilling in the south 500 block of Lynn Street neighborhood and “upsizing” approximately 280 lineal feet of existing sanitary sewer from six-inch diameter to eight-inch diameter sewer by pipe bursting in the south 500 block of Elm Street. Adjusting manhole elevations in the west 700 block of Washington Street to improve street drainage in that block is also part of the project as well as unexpected, but necessary, repairs to the City’s sanitary sewer system for a one-year period following award of the contract. Cross Construction is the contractor for the project at a total a cost of $345,753.

The pipe bursting in Elm Street is complete and all services reconnected. Directional drilling was finished at all locations and three new manholes installed. Work that remains consists of installation of service connection wyes for residents to hook up to, and restoration of the sidewalk where it was removed for insertion pits and drilling points, followed by landscaping.

Lawn restoration was partially completed at the west 700 block of Washington Street. However, a few square yards of sod remain.