City Building Streetscape Project

A&R Services continues to work on the streetscape along the front of the City Building. Last week, they successfully replaced an old sanitary sewer service that crossed the work area. The line was badly deteriorated, and it was fortunate that we were able to replace it before the new sidewalk was poured. The contractor has begun forming up and pouring the planter boxes that will be located near the northwest corner of the building (see photo). The first one was poured last weekend, with the remainder being poured this week. Having the planter boxes in place will allow the contractor to begin working on the concrete pavement and the snow melt system that is included within it.

Construction on the site caused some of the streetlights along Chester Street to be out for several days. The Traffic and Lighting Section was able to work with the contractor to get the lights along the north side of the street lit. The lights along the south side of Chester Street will remain dark until the project advances further.

The City asks that pedestrians in the area pay attention to traffic control changes and walk with care around the construction zone. City staff apologizes in advance for any inconvenience this work will cause area residents, businesses and visitors and appreciates the cooperation of everyone in order to maintain a safe environment.

This project is expected to be completed by December 14, 2012.