Healey Street Detention Restoration

Cross Construction has completed the silt removal project at Healey Street Basin. Some of the items completed include:

1) Approximately 60 truck loads or 358 C.Y. of silt material was removed from the south half of the basin. Silt material in the north half of the basin is minimal and removal is not considered cost effective at this time.

2) The fountain nozzle has been out of service for some time. Considerable debris was removed while unclogging it but the fountain is now fully functional.

3) The south diversion structure’s 72-in pond outfall manhole was de-watered for inspection and was found to be clean and free of silt, requiring no cleaning.

4) The twin 36″ culvert’s that connect the basin to the pump station wet well were cleaned to remove silt trapped in the pipes. The inlet grating on the north pipe had had been jarred loose and was reset its correct position.

5) Finish grading and reseeding are planned to start as soon as weather and ground conditions permit.

6) Public Works Operations will power broom the access ramp and depth markings will be repainted.

This project should be considered very successful. 


Healey Street Basin Silt Removal.  Note the long arm on the one piece of equipment

Inlets to pumping station