The Office of the State’s Attorney and the Illinois State Police have conducted initial reviews of the September 9th officer-involved shooting investigation and released their findings.

“We are pleased with the pace of this investigation and the timely release of information. However, there are still internal reviews to be conducted,” says Chief Cobb.

Per departmental policy, there are two additional stages to investigating an incident such as this:

  1. Professional Standards Investigation
  2. Firearms Discharge Review Board

A Professional Standards investigation will be completed in order to:

  1. Determine whether or not the shooting was consistent with policy
  2. Evaluate training considerations
  3. Evaluate policy considerations
  4. Evaluate firearms equipment
  5. Evaluate the quality of supervision prior to, during, and after the shooting incident

The Professional Standards investigation will result in the submission of a report of findings to the Chief of Police.

Whenever an officer discharges a firearm, deliberately, negligently, or accidentally, a Firearms Discharge Investigation and Review will occur. The Firearm Discharge Review Board will convene and review the circumstances associated with each firearm discharge.

The Board will evaluate each aspect of a firearm discharge, which will include:

  1. A review of the Investigation Division report
  2. A review of the Professional Standards Investigation report
  3. Hearing direct testimony, if necessary, from officers and witnesses

At the conclusion of this review, the Board will make factual conclusions and recommendations to the Chief of Police. It is the Chief of Police who will make a final recommendation, and at that time, his report and recommendations will be available to the public.