The investigation into the September 9th officer-involved shooting continues and the Multi-Jurisdictional Investigative Team, led by the Illinois State Police, is committed to conducting a thorough and comprehensive review of this incident.

Although the investigation is in full swing, the Investigative Team still has a lot of work to do. After the Department requested assistance, the Investigative Team authored and executed a search warrant for the home in the 1200 block of Crispus Drive. Crime Scene Investigators processed the scene and recovered multiple pieces of evidence, including the armed suspect’s gun. The Investigative Team has compiled multiple statements from those present at the time of the incident, residents living near the scene, and other potential witnesses. However, the Investigative Team has several follow-up interviews to conduct. This investigative team is also conducting a detailed review of videotapes, 911 calls made to METCAD, and any other recordings that may be considered evidence in this case.

The Investigative Team is cognizant of the public’s desire for the names of all parties to be released. However, this team is hesitant to disclose the suspect’s identity or the officers involved in the shooting until this case has been adequately reviewed by the Office of the State’s Attorney. Furthermore, any information which may compromise the pending investigation will not be prematurely disclosed to the public.

This is an unfortunate incident for all parties involved. Therefore, the Investigative Team is committed to conducting an accurate and thorough review and continues to ask for the public’s patience during this time.

The Champaign Police Department would like to publicly thank the Multi-Jurisdictional Investigative Team for their assistance with investigating this case.