Healey Street Detention Basin Pump

The Healey Street Detention Basin has a pumped outflow. One of its three discharge pumps has been out for repair. The pump is scheduled for return and reinstallation later this week, weather permitting. While this pump is being reinstalled, the pump company will also temporarily remove one of the other pumps to allow cleaning around its mounting seat. This pump has had a vibration, believed to be a debris blockage, limiting its use.

The basin stored 23.5 feet of water from the weekend’s storms or about 8.3 million gallons of water. Pump down took about 24 hours using only one of the discharge pumps.

The 15-year-old pump station has had intermittent problems recently that could be caused by issues in the pumps, the wiring, and/or the controllers. Pump maintenance is expected to be complete with the reinstallation of the repaired pump and cleaning of the pump station. Evaluation of the wiring condition will then be conducted by a consultant and electrician.