City of Champaign to Assist Residents With Storm Clean Up

On Monday, August 13, the City of Champaign will begin picking up at the curb debris from privately owned trees damaged during the August 9 storm. Although previously reported that the City would only remove debris from City owned trees, due to the severity of the storm, the City is making an exception to policy in this instance in an effort to assist residents with clean-up activities.

Starting Monday, crews will pick up all tree limbs and brush that is placed at the curb. Staff will not enter private property to pick up debris. Residents are asked to separate bagged from stacked items as these are sent to two different disposal locations. Please stack limbs and brush at the curb with the cut end facing the street. Pick up is for debris from the August 9 storm only.

Staff will patrol the area most severely affected by the storm, north of Windsor Road, south of Springfield Avenue, west of Prospect Avenue and east of Duncan Road, and pick up stacked debris as part of the City’s clean-up activities. Residents in this area do not have to call to request pick up. People who live outside of these boundaries are asked to contact Public Works at (217) 403-4700 beginning Monday, August 13 to report debris pick up locations.

“As crews have gotten the chance to evaluate the extent of the damage from last night’s storm, it has become evident that many private trees also incurred damage,” said Dennis Schmidt, Public Works Director. “By including debris from private trees, the City is able to help residents clean up their property from the effects of the storm.”

Expanding removal activities to include private trees is expected to extend time to complete the storm clean-up but City staff will work late tonight, tomorrow and through next week until finished.