Fourth of July Fireworks

Ban on Personal Fireworks

The Champaign County Freedom Celebration Committee would like to remind the public that the Champaign Park District and Parkland College prohibit the possession of fireworks on their property. For the safety of everyone attending the Freedom Celebration activities, no fireworks will be allowed at Parkland College, Dodds Park or Heritage Park. This includes any type of fireworks that have to be lit with a flame such as snakes, glow worms, sparklers, bottle rockets, etc.

In addition to the above fireworks ban, officers assigned to the event will be enforcing other regulations as required by the Champaign Park District and Parkland College. Regulations of specific concern are as follows:

  • Neither the Champaign Park District nor Parkland College allows alcohol consumption on their property.
  • Adult supervision is required for all visitors at this event under the age of 18.
  • Pets are not allowed at this event. Pet owners will be requested to remove the pet from the event site.

Officers will be assigned throughout the event site to insure the safety of all present. Motorists are reminded that there may be larger numbers of pedestrians in the area and they should use due care and caution. 

The public is reminded that if during this event you have an emergency or need assistance go to the nearest police officer, medical station or call 911. 

Please visit the Freedom Celebration web site at