47 E. Chalmers

The Police Department sent an e-mail to Code Compliance Manager David Oliver on the evening of May 14, 2012 stating that the vacant building at 47 E Chalmers had several broken windows. The building was a former fraternity house and the case was assigned to Property Maintenance Inspector Tim Spear who handled their last Certified Housing case. Tim inspected the property on May 15, 2012. Two large picture windows on the first floor were completely broken out, two second floor windows were broken, and a door on the north side of the building was open. After researching the new owner, Tim contacted the attorney that was representing the new owner to inform them of the damage to the building. The owner contacted Tim later in the afternoon on May 15, 2012 to state that she had been to the property to assess the damage. She further stated that she intended to have the damaged windows boarded up and the doors secured that evening. On May 16, 2012, an inspection of the building showed that all four windows had been boarded up and the door on the north side of the building had been secured.

47 E Chalmers   47 E Chalmers 47 E Chalmers   47 E Chalmers