City Response to Mobile Food Truck Concerns

In response to the interest regarding the regulations for locating mobile food trucks on City right-of-way, there has been no change in the current ordinance or its interpretation. However, Staff has begun a thorough review of the existing requirements with the goal of proposing amendments that would clarify where mobile food trucks are allowed and for how long. The City realizes that the existing regulations need to be updated to adequately address the growing interest in mobile food truck vending. An analysis of how mobile food trucks are accommodated in other communities will also be performed.

The Champaign City Council will hold a Study Session on the topic at the Tuesday, June 26, 2012 meeting. Prior to this meeting the City of Champaign will also work closely with the Champaign Center Partnership to solicit input from interested mobile food truck vendors as well existing Downtown and Campustown businesses. This input will be presented at the City Council Study Session. Questions on this process can be directed to Assistant Planning Director, Rob Kowalski at [email protected] or 217-403-8800.