Police Respond to Weapon Call (Central High School, 610 W. University Ave.)

At approximately 12:51 p.m. Friday, officers responded to Central High School for a report of a weapon after a student reported seeing a possible handgun in a student’s possession.

A student at Central High School reported to school staff that a gun had been spotted in another student’s backpack. The staff located the student, but not the backpack. He was questioned by police and subsequently released. During the investigation, it was reported to police that another student, a 16 year-old male, had taken the backpack away from the original student and left the area with it. He was also questioned by police and released.

After conducting a thorough search of the school, an Airsoft gun was found in a second floor classroom. Additional information led police to Westside Park, where the pellets for the Airsoft gun were located in the park’s Gazebo.

“The students’ willingness to provide information to police and the school district’s timely response to this incident resulted in recovery of the Airsoft gun.

The staff at Central took appropriate action and kept the students safe during the incident. Thankfully, no students were harmed,” says Deputy Chief Gallo.