Cable Commission Launches Community TV Website

Access to a wide range of information on local television programming is now available at, a new web site created by the Champaign-Urbana Cable Television and Telecommunications Commission.

The site focuses on programs and services offered by Champaign-Urbana’s four PEG (public, education and government access) channels — CGTV (Champaign government), UPTV (Urbana government and public access), UI-7 (University of Illinois) and PCTV (Parkland College). The channels are broadcast on Comcast and AT&T U-verse.

“Commission volunteers designed the site to promote awareness of community TV resources and provide easy access to program schedules for all four PEG channels,” said Karen Walker, vice-chair of the Cable Commission.

Each month, the website highlights new television shows which were produced locally and broadcast on local access. Web surfers can also learn more about public access and how they can easily produce their own television programs to share with our community.

Other features of the new site are direct links to the Cable Commission’s agendas, minutes, reports and cable franchise agreements, and other documents.

“In the past, finding the Commission’s documents on Champaign or Urbana city websites could be challenging,” said Jeff Hamilton, telecommunications/AV technician for the City of Champaign. “Now people can easily find them everything at”