Champaign Police Charities Association Calls for Donations

The Champaign Police Charities Association may be calling you for donations during its fundraising campaign for the Champaign Cops for Kids program.

The campaign, scheduled to run for approximately six weeks, is designed to assist area children. Some past recipients of the program include Olympic Medalist Katherine Reutter, speed skating champion Bonnie Blair and local youth organizations. Phone solicitors will discuss the Champaign Cops for Kids program and ways in which your donation will benefit local youth. All net proceeds will go toward supporting the mission of Champaign Cops for Kids.

Note, the caller will not ask you to provide any financial information. So, avoid giving out any personal account information such as credit card numbers, bank account numbers, passwords or other private information.

Donations can be sent directly to the Champaign Police Charities Association, 1209 N. Hagan Street, Champaign, IL. For more information, please contact the Champaign Police Charities Association at (217) 356-1100.

If you suspect that you are being scammed, or wish to report fraudulent activity, call the Champaign Police Department at (217) 351-4545.