Tree City USA

The City of Champaign has been a member of Tree City USA since 1985.

Tree City USA is sponsored by the National Arbor Day Foundation, which recognizes communities dedicated to effective management of their public trees.

To qualify for Tree City USA, a community must satisfy four standards:

  1. Designate an official or volunteer to manage and care for trees in the community.
  2. Establish a community tree ordinance.
  3. Invest at least $2 per resident in an urban forestry program.
  4. Conduct an annual Arbor Day tree planting with an official Arbor Day proclamation.

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Did you know… Facts about Champaign’s trees

  • The City of Champaign has over 20,000 trees located on City rights-of-way.
  • The street tree population is made up of 70 genera (i.e., oak, maple, linden) and 156 species (i.e., red maple, silver maple, sugar maple).
  • The most commonly planted genera on Champaign streets are maple, oak, ash, and linden.
  • 21 species account for 85% of the street tree population
  • Red maple is the most commonly planted street tree.