The City maintains a list of tree species approved for planting on the City right-of-way. Trees are selected for insect and disease resistance, adaptability to local climate and soils, resistance to ice and wind damage, and sound structure and desirable growth habits.

Some trees prohibited for planting on the City right-of-way are excellent yard or park trees, but are not suitable for street tree use because of an abundance of fruit which may litter streets or clog sewer inlets, or, as in the case of evergreens, because they present visibility problems.

Please note that any planting on the City right-of-way requires a permit, available free from Public Works.

Approved Tree Species List

Trees that may be Planted Along Public Rights-of-Way in Champaign

Small Trees (Only permitted for use where overhead restrictions exist such as utility lines.)
Crabapple (cultivars resistant to apple scab)Hawthorn (thornless)Laurel magnolia
Corneliancherry dogwood HornbeamLoebner magnolia
Kousa dogwoodJapanese tree lilacRedbud
Pagoda dogwood Amur mapleServiceberry
Paperbark mapleCarolina silverbellTatarian maple
Tree form viburnum
Medium to Large Trees
Black alderIronwoodChestnut oak
BaldcypressKatsuraOvercup oak
Basswood Crimean lindenRed oak
American beechLittleleaf lindenShingle oak
European beechSilver lindenShumard oak
Amur corktreeCucumbertree magnoliaSwamp white oak
Elm (cultivars resistant to Dutch elm disease)Black mapleWhite oak
Turkish filbertFreeman mapleDawn redwood
Ginkgo (male) Hedge mapleHardy rubber tree
Goldenraintree Miyabe mapleSassafras
HackberryRed mapleTuliptree
Sugar hackberrySugar mapleBlack tupelo
European hornbeam Bur oakYellowood
Chinkapin oakJapanese zelkova

Trees that may NOT be Planted Along Public Rights-of-Way in Champaign

AppleFlowering dogwoodPin oak
ArborvitaeAmerican elmScarlet oak
Blue ash Siberian elm Russian olive
Green ashSlippery elmOsage orange
Mountain ash Empress treePeach
White ashFirPear
River birchHemlockPecan
White birch HickoryPine
CatalpaBlack locustSweetgum
CedarNorway mapleSycamore
CherrySilver maple Tree of Heaven
ChestnutMimosa tree Walnut

Download list of approved tree species as PDF (Updated January 26th, 2009)