Historic Preservation Commission

  • About the Commission

    The Historic Preservation Commission identifies properties, structures, and areas that are historically significant. This Commission also advises the Plan Commission and City Council on the designation of Landmarks, Conservation, and Historic Districts. Additionally, the Commission acts to facilitate the protection of visual characteristics by reviewing, giving advice, and passing upon changes to the exterior architectural appearance.

    The Commission consists of seven regular members and two alternates that are appointed by the Mayor with City Council approval. Members are chosen on the basis of expertise, experience, or interest in the related subject matter. Members are appointed to three-year terms. Alternate members must first serve for one-year prior to being appointed as a regular member.

    Learn more about the Historic Preservation Commission.

    Historic Preservation Commission By-Laws.



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  • Landmark Nominations

    Anyone can nominate a property for consideration as a historic landmark by submitting a completed Landmark Nomination Application.


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  • Commission Members

    MemberContact InformationService BeganTerm BeganTerm Expires
    Carol Meinhart
    [email protected] January 2017July 2022June 2025
    Anthony Bamert

    [email protected] July 2014July 2023June 2026
    Gail Broadie[email protected]March 2016July 2023June 2026
    Jon Roma[email protected]July 2023July 2023June 2026
    Vacant July 2022June 2025
    Vacant July 2022June 2025
    Vacant July 2022June 2024
    ALTERNATE VacantJuly 2022June 2025
    ALTERNATE VacantJuly 2021June 2024
  • Staff Support

    Planning & Development Department
    [email protected]

    City of Champaign
    Planning & Development Department
    102 N. Neil St.
    Champaign, IL 61820

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