Finance Director

Kay Nees

Ms. Nees leads the Finance Department in providing the full range of municipal financial services including financial planning and budgeting; financial operations; investments; debt management; financial reporting; and records management. The Finance Department also provides financial analysis to the City Council and staff on economic and community development issues.

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    City Clerk

    Marilyn L. Banks

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    Administrative Services Supervisor

    Jennifer Johnson

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    Financial Services Manager/City Accountant

    Carrie Siems

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    Financial Services Manager/Budget Officer

    Courtney Kouzmanoff

Administrative Services Division

Seth Brewer, Account Clerk III
Glenda Robertson, Administrative Assistant
Kitty Strong, Account Clerk II
Hannah Wood, Account Clerk II

Budget Division

Kellie Larson, Account Clerk III
Shannon Myers, Finance Technician
Travis Woodcock, Financial Analyst

Accounting Division

Amanda Durst, Staff Accountant
Miranda Jones, Account Clerk III
Patti Motley, Account Clerk III