Finance Director

Kay Nees

Ms. Nees leads the Finance Department in providing the full range of municipal financial services including financial planning and budgeting; financial operations; investments; debt management; financial reporting; and records management. The Finance Department also provides financial analysis to the City Council and staff on economic and community development issues.

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    City Clerk

    Marilyn L. Banks

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    Administrative Services Supervisor

    Jennifer Johnson

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    Financial Services Manager/City Accountant

    Carrie Siems

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    Interim Financial Services Manager/Budget Officer

    Courtney Kouzmanoff

Administrative Services Division

Seth Brewer, Account Clerk III
Glenda Robertson, Administrative Assistant
Kitty Strong, Account Clerk II
<Vacant>, Account Clerk II

Budget Division

Courtney Kouzmanoff, Financial Analyst
Shannon Myers, Finance Technician
<Vacant>, Account Clerk III

Accounting Division

Miranda Jones, Account Clerk III
Patti Motley, Account Clerk III
<Vacant>, Staff Accountant