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Garden Hills Drainage Improvement Project Bid Opening

In March 2020 the City issued seven bid packets for the Garden Hills Drainage Improvement Project, which included the demolition of 17 properties on Hedge Road. However, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the bid openings were postponed until June 9, 2020. Typically, the City opens and reads bids aloud 30 minutes after the bid due […]

Sewer Lining Projects

Two Sewer Lining Projects are currently underway in the City. Sewers are lined to structurally renew the sewer pipe. Lining is less disruptive and less expensive than replacing sewers by digging up the old sewer pipes and installing new pipe. Lining is used to renew both sanitary sewer and storm sewer pipes. The 2013 Sewer […]

Acquisition/Rehab Projects

The City of Champaign has been offering incentives to low-moderate income individuals to purchase new homes in targeted neighborhoods.  The City has been offering this program since for approximately 6 years, but saw the interest drop off during the recession.  As an indication that things may be turning around, there has been renewed interest in […]