Champaign Tomorrow – 2040 – Learn more about the process to update the Comprehensive Plan!

Champaign Tomorrow – 2040

The Comprehensive Plan establishes a vision for how the community wants to grow and develop over the next 20 years. It is a guide for all residents, property owners, developers and decision makers as to the anticipated use of property in the future.  The Plan prepared for the key trends, challenges and opportunities impacting life in Champaign.  The current Plan, adopted in 2011, reflects the following priorities.

  • The need to develop Champaign in a compact and contiguous way; and
  • To build infrastructure in a sustainable and complete manner; and
  • To ensure that neighborhoods have proximity to parks, schools and frequently accessed commercial services.

Reviews and discussions with City Council and Plan Commission have determined that the vision outlined in the current Comprehensive Plan , adopted in 2011 remain strong.

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To realize the vision of the Champaign Tomorrow Comprehensive Plan in 2040, existing conditions analysis is a key step to identify emerging trends and issues in need of consideration.  Existing conditions analyses of residential growth, commercial and employment land use and demographic information are found below.  Please share your feedback on the information by participating in a short survey.  Your responses will be used to draft improvements to the Guiding Principles and Key Recommendations in the updated Plan.  Thank you for participating!

Existing Conditions:  

To prepare for the future, it is important to assess current conditions.  The following documents provide information on our community demographics and economy, analysis of residential development potential and review of land uses in commercial centers.

Comprehensive Plan

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