Claims Management

The City’s Risk Manager coordinates claims investigations of all types of personal injury and property losses.

Liability Claims

It is an unfortunate fact that accidents do happen. Sometimes accidents involving City equipment, vehicles, or infrastructure result in property damage or injury to citizens.

However, not all accidents are the result of negligence by the City or its employees. For example, there are several roads and sewer systems in Champaign that are actually maintained by Champaign County, the University of Illinois, the Urbana Champaign Sanitary District, or the State of Illinois.  Please refer to the City of Champaign/U of I Infrastructure Maintenance Table and/or the City of Champaign, Illinois Department of Transportation Maintenance Table to determine if your potential claim falls under another jurisdiction.

Submitting a Potential Claim

To submit a potential claim for investigation, please complete a LIABILITY CLAIM FORM or contact the Risk Manager by phone at 217-403-8770 or email at [email protected].

Liability Claims Brochure

You may refer to this Liability Claims Brochure for general information regarding the liability claim process and also find answers to commonly asked questions.

Frequently Asked Questions about Claims Management