Frequently Asked Questions

JOBS:  THE SELECTION PROCESS – Help in Interviewing

  • Fully review the job description and be prepared to explain how your education and/or experience has prepared you for the position.
  • Try to imagine potential interview questions and what your answers might be, including specific examples of past situations and/or projects that you may be called upon to provide.
  • Practice your answers to anticipated questions, including potentially difficult ones, that are thorough, clear, positive, and honest.
  • It may be beneficial to conduct research on the City and the hiring Department prior to the interview.
  • Interviews are usually conducted by a panel that includes representatives of the hiring department and other City staff as relevant.
  • Print out and bring with you any interview instructions such as the interview location address, time, special instructions, etc.  Please note that interviews are held at various City facilities so make sure you know where your interview will take place.
  • Be on time or early if possible! Allow yourself extra time and try to arrive at least 10-15 minutes prior to your scheduled interview time.
  • Bring any documents you have been asked to provide or that you might need at the interview such as extra copies of your resume, driver’s license, etc.
  • Parking for interviews held at the City Building: On-street metered parking is available around the City Building at a rate of $0.75 per hour. Please note there is a two-hour time limit. If you anticipate your interview may take longer than two hours, longer-term parking is available in the Illinois Terminal Lot (45 E. University Avenue) or the Hill Street Parking Deck (123 W. Hill Street).
  • If the interview is not in person but instead over the telephone or by video, be sure to find a quiet location where you will not be interrupted by distractions, loud noises, or a loss in service.
  • Whenever possible, turn off your cell phone to minimize distractions during the interview.
  • If time permits, you may be allowed to ask questions of the interview panel, so come with 2-3 prepared questions that will help you assess your fit and determine whether the opportunity is right for you.