The Fiscal Year Financial Plan, or Annual Budget, establishes direction for the implementation of all City of Champaign programs and services for the upcoming year. The Financial Plan outlines the Administration’s recommendation on how to meet the needs of our growing community in a fiscally responsible manner and in keeping with the City Council’s goals and policies. The Financial Plan is developed by carefully evaluating available resources, following established financial policies, and applying sound administrative decisions and practices. Review and approval of the Financial Plan is one of the City Council’s most important roles.

The Budget Process

The City’s budget (fiscal) year is July 1 through June 30.  Finance prepares a Five Year Financial Forecast in the fall which charts a course for the budget process.  Finance holds a budget “kick off” in December to lay out budget development guidelines based on the strategy set forth in the Five Year Forecast.  City departments meet with the City Manager to discuss specific budget needs or changes prior to preparing their budget submissions.  The City Council adopts the finalized Financial Plan for Community Services (Annual Budget) in June of each year.

Current Year Adopted Budget Document

Prior Year Budget Documents

The Property Tax Levy

State statute requires that the City adopt a resolution estimating the amount to levy, comply with Truth in Taxation Law requirements, and adopt the levy annually before the end of December.  The most recent property tax levy information is highlighted in the following report to City Council.

Sales Tax and Other City Tax Rates

Visit our Business Portal and scroll down to tax information for a breakdown of the City of Champaign Sales Tax rate, plus many other tax rates for Champaign.