City Council Meetings Temporarily Conducted Electronically

Pursuant to Governor Pritzker’s Executive Order 2020-07 (COVID-19 Executive Order No. 5), which suspends the requirement of the Illinois Open Meetings Act requiring in-person attendance by members of a public body during the duration of the Gubernatorial Disaster Proclamation, the members of the Champaign City Council will not be physically present in Council Chambers for their next meeting, but will instead be participating in the meeting using a virtual meeting platform. A general overview of the process to watch and provide public comment for the Council meeting are provided on this webpage. For the complete list of rules please review the Temporary Rules document.

How to Watch the City Council Meetings

Meetings of the Champaign City Council continue to be available for live public viewing on the City’s website ( and on the City’s government access channel – CGTV (Comcast & i3 Broadband channel 5, U-verse channel 99). Meeting recordings will also be replayed on CGTV and available for on-demand viewing at Please note there can be a delay of up to 90 seconds between the live meeting and the signal shown by your television service provider or the live stream.

How to Provide Public Comment

The City encourages residents to continue to provide public comment regarding Council business. To promote social distancing, the City Council will be meeting electronically and in-person public comment is temporarily unavailable.

Public comments may be provided during the City Council meeting by joining the electronic meeting via computer or telephone. This meeting will be conducted using the Zoom meeting platform and members of the public may join the meeting by:

At the appropriate points in the meeting and in accordance with Council Rules, the Mayor (or Presiding Officer) will call for public comments. Individuals wishing to speak should either click the “Raise Hand” button (for those attending via computer) or dial *9 (for those attending via telephone). When an individual is called upon to provide comments, the microphone will be unmuted. The individual will be requested to state his or her name, city of residence and to limit comments to 5 minutes or less. After the individual is done speaking, the microphone will be muted for that individual and the next individual will be called upon to provide comments.

Written Public Comments Received for Prior Electronic City Council Meetings

Public comments were submitted in writing for the electronic City Council meetings listed below.  Those comments are posted here for public review and will be included in each meeting’s official minutes. Public comments are provided verbatim and unedited.