Equal Opportunity in Purchasing Ordinance

The City of Champaign’s Equal Opportunity in Purchasing Ordinance is intended to ensure that companies doing business with the City practice non-discriminatory hiring processes.  This is in order to promote the full realization of equal employment opportunities of those contracting with or conducting business with the City.

City of Champaign Diversity Advancement Program (CDAP)

The City of Champaign Diversity Advancement Program (CDAP) encourages City departments, contractors, and other vendors doing business with the City to increase the amount of goods and services provided by local businesses owned by minorities, women, and other socially and economically disadvantaged groups.   

CDAP’s Objectives

The objectives of the CDAP program are to strengthen the use of businesses owned by women, racial/ethnic minorities, and other identified socially disadvantaged groups as defined in City purchasing and contracting policies, and to build capacity for these businesses through mentoring and training, and to develop and sustain a diverse pool of qualified businesses used by the City of Champaign.  CDAP program requirements apply to all City purchases and are part of the City’s purchasing policies.

Certified CDAP Vendor List

The CDAP vendor list was created to increase the utilization of women-owned, minority-owned, local economically disadvantaged, and socially disadvantaged businesses.  This list is monitored and maintained through the City’s tracking and compliance software and is managed by the City’s Office of Equity, Community, and Human Rights.

Apply to be a CDAP Certified Vendor

Businesses wishing to be included on the City’s Certified CDAP Vendor List should follow the instructions for submitting an online application provided by the link below.  Once submitted, the City’s Compliance Officer will review, verify, and( if approved) certify the business as a CDAP-eligible vendor. Note: The approval process can take up to four weeks to complete.

Review the CDAP Vendor List

City departments, contractors, and other vendors doing business with the City are encouraged to purchase goods and services and/or to explore joint venture opportunities with businesses on the CDAP Vendor List.

Learn More about the CDAP Program

Register for the CDAP Workshop on June 13th

City Bids and Requests for Proposals (RFPs)

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