Human Rights Ordinance/Discrimination Complaints

The Equity and Engagement Department is here to help anyone who feels they have been discriminated against.  Our staff will listen carefully to your complaints, investigate, and take appropriate actions to remedy the situation when warranted.  The City’s Human Rights Ordinance prohibits discrimination in the areas of employment, housing, public accommodation, and credit.

Police Conduct

We welcome your comments, compliments, and complaints regarding employees of the Champaign Police Department.  The City is committed to fair and effective law enforcement and thoroughly investigates all complaints alleging police misconduct.

Equal Opportunity in Purchasing Ordinance/CDAP

The City of Champaign’s Equal Opportunity in Purchasing Ordinance is intended to ensure that companies doing business with the City practice non-discriminatory hiring processes. This is in order to promote the full realization of equal employment opportunities of those contracting with or conducting business with the City.

Youth Employment Services (YES) 

Youth Employment Services (previously the Summer Youth Employment Services) is now a year-round program.  Even though the major focus will still be summer employment, the name was recently changed to reflect the idea that they are working all year to help our students achieve their career goals. Check out the Youth Employment Services page for more information on our new identity as YES!