City of Champaign Municipal Aggregation Program Suspension

The City’s Municipal Electric Aggregation (MEA) electric supply contract with Constellation NewEnergy will end in July 2024. Currently, the City does not plan to continue its MEA program for the upcoming period. The electricity supply rate from Ameren is lower than the most competitive offer rate that the City received, meaning Ameren customers are expected to pay less. Current MEA members do not need to do anything to switch to Ameren electricity supply, as this will occur automatically upon expiration of the current supply contract. This does not mean the City’s MEA program has been terminated. In the future if the City can secure a contract for competitive electricity supply at a rate lower than Ameren’s expected supply rate, the City’s program can be reinstated.

Because the City is not continuing MEA, Ameren will send a letter in June notifying you that “your current electric choice is terminating.” The letter will also explain that at your next meter read, Ameren will return your account to their Basic Generation Service, and you will have two billing periods, approximately 60 days, to choose another electric supplier, should you wish to do so.

In the approximately 60-day period, you have two electric supplier choices:

1.  You could select a new energy supplier for your individual residence. There are over 40 suppliers to choose from at the ICC Plug-In Illinois website. There are a wide range of options which include renewable energy, fixed/variable electricity rate, and different contract term lengths.

2.  You could also choose to do nothing and keep Ameren as your electricity supplier for the next 10 months (12 months total). The Ameren rate will fluctuate somewhat monthly, and you will have to stay with Ameren electricity service for a minimum of 12 billing months, per Ameren’s regulations.

There is more information concerning MEA on the City’s website at: If you have additional questions, please call 217-403-4700 and a Public Works customer service representative can help you.