The Beat

The City is thrilled to announce the launch of the downtown entertainment district’s official logo “The Beat.” Unveiled at a Council study session on May 7, 2024, the Beat encompasses all of the downtown entertainment district. Boasting a wide variety of entertainers and programs for the community to enjoy, The Beat will allow community members to take in all the vibrancy that downtown has to offer. Staff have been holding events throughout downtown to get the word out and give interested collaborators the opportunity to engage.  

The Beat is just a couple weeks from kicking off and this has been a true testament to what this City can do when it comes together. Staff members from every single department, including City Manager’s Office, Finance, Fire, Equity & Engagement, Police, IT, Legal, Planning, and Public Works have been in collaboration to get this pilot project off the ground and make it successful.  

 A few department highlights include the work that the City Manager’s Office has done to shape the vision of the district. Public Works staff have been coordinating with vendors to get the structural portion of Market Street completed. The Planning Department has developed a live entertainment grant program to bolster downtown performances. Equity & Engagement staff have taken the lead in branding for The Beat. Staff from nearly every department in this City have made this possible. Keep an eye out for updates as The Beat continues to grow and develop!