Neighborhood Services Applies for IHDA Strong Communities Grant

Neighborhood Services staff members worked hard preparing an application to the Illinois Housing Development Authority (IHDA) Strong Communities Program (SCP), that was due June 7, 2023. This program funds local municipalities to help address affordable housing needs and community revitalization efforts. Consideration of these funds will aid in returning several vacant residential properties in Champaign to productive and taxable use. This is done by demolishing properties beyond repair that negatively impact neighboring residences. As a result of the prospective demolitions through SCP, there is more significant potential for increased property values, crime reduction, additional tax revenue, and increased attraction for further community investment.

Community Development Specialists Betsy Barclay and Shelby Mammano have jointly headed the application, efforts with assistance from the Neighborhood Services Code Compliance Division, as well as Police, Planning, Public Works, and Finance Departments.