Champaign Police Address Gun Violence, Quality of Life Concerns in 2022

The Champaign Police Department worked in 2022 to promote public safety, prevent and solve crime, and strengthen community relationships. The Department set three key priorities for the year: reducing gun violence, increasing community engagement, and addressing quality of life concerns in Champaign. Through these efforts, Champaign Police reported a 50.2% reduction in shooting incidents in Champaign, with 129 in 2022 compared to 259 in 2021. A shooting incident is counted anytime police find evidence that a gun was fired.

Following a relaxation of COVID-19 restrictions on gatherings, Champaign Police renewed their focus on community engagement, with CPD personnel committing more than 363 staff hours to attend 81 events in 2022. These events included meetings, block parties, and resource fairs, and gave Champaign Police personnel the opportunity to provide safety information, promote a positive police presence, foster relationships, and build trust.

“Following a long COVID drought, Champaign Police spent 2022 reforging important connections and engaging with our community,” said Chief of Police Timothy T. Tyler. “Our officers have listened to the concerns of Champaign’s residents, businesses, and elected officials, and have worked to address them with every available resource.”

Champaign Police also relaunched programs to focus on quality-of-life concerns within the community, including speeding and traffic violations. Through these efforts, Champaign Police were able to return to pre-pandemic levels of proactivity, leading to a 430.1% increase in traffic stops over the COVID-reduced efforts of 2021. These efforts also made an impact on larger concerns, including the seizure of unlawful firearms and controlled substances during traffic stops.

Additionally, in 2022, the Champaign Police Department:

  • Responded to 43,857 calls for service, a 5.72% increase from 2021.
  • Reduced homicides by 47.1% from 2021 and made arrests in eight of the nine homicides in Champaign in 2022.
  • Seized or recovered 236 firearms, getting these weapons off the streets.
  • Hired 30 new personnel, including eight civilians, 14 new hire officers, and eight experienced officers.
  • Grew the skills of staff and bolstered specialized units through more than 23,000 hours of training.
  • Utilized new technologies to investigate crimes, including Automated License Plate Readers, which aided in dozens of felony criminal cases, including three homicides, and in locating 12 stolen vehicles.
  • Partnered with the Equity & Engagement Department to launch the Justice Victim Advocates, professionals working collaboratively with CPD to provide follow-up care to victims of violence in the community.
  • Strengthened partnerships with area law enforcement agencies through the Campus Police Services Agreement.